ClickHawk Features
Flag suspicious click activity and other unusual traffic patterns.

1. User ID 2780713 at IP address clicked 4 times in a 10 minute period and 5 times so far today.

2. User at IP is using a proxy server and has cookies disabled.

TIP: The real report is interactive, and getting more details on any IP address (such as City, State, and ISP) is as easy as clicking on the IP in this report:

View how many times each user is clicking on your ad.

The grouped totals reports allow you to sort by User ID or IP address and see exactly how many times a user is clicking within a specified period.

TIP: To see a log of all the clicks from any IP address or User ID, just click on the Total:

Distinguish real visitors from robots and spiders.

1. IP is a known spider/crawler (not a human).
2. IP might be a robot because the browser type is unknown, it does not accept cookies, and there is no referring URL.

Summarize Invalid Clicks by Day or by Campaign.

Easily spot problem clicks relative to total traffic on a given day. Identify trends or sudden changes within 24 hours. Compare traffic quality from different sources (sites, networks, search engines).

Discover the geographic location of your visitors.

Learn what country each visitor is clicking from with over 95% accuracy. For US users, pinpoint their location down to the City level, with over 75% accuracy.

Detect unusal traffic spikes.

The Intraday Traffic by Hour report can be used to detect unusual traffic patterns, such as a large traffic spike in a short period of time. Optionally, email alerts can be set to automatically notify you in the event that a traffic spike has ocurred.

Automatically generate Refund Request Letters.

Once you have sufficient evidence that you are being billed for invalid clicks, ClickHawk can generate a refund request letter in compliance with the guidelines set by most search engines. Requesting a refund is as easy as copying and pasting the generated text into a new email to the provider's client support address.

See which domains (sites) your clicks are coming from.

Another group totals reports displays your top traffic referring domains. Easily see where you are spending the most without going to several different sites and logging in to obtain separate reports.

Track clicks by IP address and unique user ID.

Instead of relying only on the IP address, which is sometimes not an accurate indication of a unique user, ClickHawk tracks by IP address and Unique user ID, as long as the user's browser supports cookies. This feature not only permits the identification of unique users sharing the same IP address, but also can alert you to a single user that clicks through using several different IP addresses.

Report browser statistics on visitors.

Learn what browsers are most common on your site, and what percentage of your clicks are from known spiders, crawlers, or robots.

Customizable email alerts.

Optionally, you can set automatic email alerts to notify you (in real time) when a specified IP Address or Unique User ID clicks your campaign, or in the event that any suspicious activity is detected by the system.

Warn repeat clickers that you are monitoring their activity.

Set an automatic traps for IP addresses and Unique User IDs that are showing up often in your reports and possibly abusing your ad campaigns. When a "Warning" screen is set and the violator clicks on your ad link, they are first sent to a warning message page before being directed to your site.

Set robot traps for an IP address or User ID.

With one click, you can turn on the advanced Captcha feature for any IP address or User ID. CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart". When this is activated on an IP address or user that you are concerned with, whenever that user clicks on your ad they will be confronted with a gateway screen and asked to enter a code that is displayed. This code is displayed in graphical form and is virtually impossible for robots and crawlers to decipher, but easy for a real user.  Regardless of whether the test is passed, they will be redirected to your site. However, the fail or pass on the Captcha test will be recorded for your information.

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