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How does ClickHawk™ work?
Why should I worry about click fraud?
I think I have a problem competitor clicks and robot traffic. How can ClickHawk™ help?
How much does ClickHawk™ cost?
I am already paying enough for my PPC campaigns, why should I pay more?
How much money can I save using ClickHawk?
I only advertise in one place, Google AdSense. Do I need to worry about click fraud?
Can't I just find the problem, eliminate it, and stop monitoring?
What differentiates ClickHawk™ from other click fraud detection software?

What is ClickHawk™?
ClickHawk™ acts as a "gateway" for all of the click-through traffic to your web from any source or advertising campaign.  Acting as an intermediary between your paid ad campaigns and your web site, ClickHawk™ monitors your incoming traffic, flags suspicious activity, and provides a comprehensive analysis of every visitor you are paying for.

How does ClickHawk™ work?
ClickHawk™ generates tracking URLs for you to use in your keyword, search, and other advertising campaigns. Clicks from your campaigns are then tracked by ClickHawk™ and the data stored for further analysis and reporting.

Why should I worry about click fraud?
Recent studies indicate that the 20% of the average PPC advertiser's budget is going toward invalid click traffic. In some cases, the ratio is much higher. While many advertisers are aware that they are getting traffic that does not seem to convert to sales or leads, they are not aware that a big part of this problem is the number of "clicks" they are paying for that are not even a "real" visitor, or are the same visitor, over and over again.

I think I have a problem repeat clicks/robot traffic. How can ClickHawk™ help?
ClickHawk™ will not only monitor your paid traffic and audit every single click for validity, but you can optionally set up "warning" pages for repeat violators, and "robot traps" for suspected program clicking and even have an alert by email in real time if one of your traps is triggered.

How much does ClickHawk™ cost?
ClickHawk™ is available on monthly subscription plans ranging from $19 to $349, depending on the number of clicks you need to track, and are generally less than 1% of an advertiser's monthly budget. There is no software to install on your server or PC and no set up fee.

I am already paying enough for my PPC campaigns, why should I pay more?
ClickHawk is not an expense, it's an investment. If you are paying $0.25 to $1.00 or more per click, investing an extra penny can pay for itself many times over every month.

How much money can I save using ClickHawk?
That depends on how you use it. Most advertisers are able to optimize their spending by at least 20% within a month. They achieve the same results while spending less, improving their ROI. It also depends on where you run your campaigns, and the number of different placements you have. Some advertisers have saved as much as 70% in their first three months.

I only advertise on one network. Do I need to worry about click fraud?
Yes. While large search engines do not commit click fraud, they run your ads on hundreds, or thousands, of smaller sites in their network, making fraud enforcement very difficult. With the data provided by ClickHawk, you can detect unwanted traffic, alert the network, have your campaign removed from the offending sites, and request a refund.

Why do I need to keep monitoring clicks every month? Can't I just find the problem, eliminate it, and stop monitoring?
Search engines are continually adding many new sites to their network every day. Overall traffic that was good one day, may turn terrible on any given day, even as the result of a single new offending site. Also, there are other types of fraud to look out for, including "competition fraud" (competitors repeatedly clicking your ads to use up your ad budget).

What differentiates ClickHawk™ from other click fraud detection software?
The ClickHawk™ software was written by engineers with years of experience developing enterprise level ad serving and ad network technology. Originally produced for use with our own advertising campaigns, now you can use the same click fraud detection techniques used by ad network insiders and leading online advertisers.

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"With ClickHawk guarding my PPC traffic, I can sleep at night knowing that my money is not being wasted.... I am also more willing to try new advertising venues, knowing that I will have immediate data on the value of the traffic..."
Brandon Cady
- InvestHub.com

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