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About TrafficSentry
TrafficSentry was founded by a small group of advertising software developers and online marketing professionals. Cutting edge software was originally developed for proprietary use only, but is now being ported to web based applications for use by any online marketer or advertiser.

Spotting the increasing problems with campaign ROI and rapidly growing numbers of PPC, keyword, and search advertisers, TrafficSentry came into existence with a mission to develop effective solutions for measuring return on internet advertising campaigns, and empowering the advertiser or agency with data and tools to increasing campaign performance and reduce or eliminate unnecessary spending on advertising.

Introducing ClickHawk™
TrafficSentry's first product, ClickHawk™, is a web based application designed to detect click fraud and other undesirable traffic referred through PPC advertising or any internet advertising campaign or affiliate program.

Through knowledge gained from their long  term work for leading internet advertisers and agencies, and extensive experience their own marketing campaigns, the TrafficSentry team has concluded that the combination of click fraud and non-human click traffic is not only becoming one of the largest factors impacting campaign performance, but also one of the most understated and unrealized problems among online advertisers.

ClickHawk addresses this problem by auditing the incoming traffic from the advertiser's campaigns in real-time, and presenting the data to the advertiser that the search engines and networks do not provide.

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Coming Soon...
The next product to be released by TrafficSentry will be a comprehensive ROI tracking tool. Currently in development, this product will be offered as an add-on to ClickHawk for existing ClickHawk users, or as a stand-alone application for ad campaign monitoring, comparison, and optimization.

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