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Click Fraud Detection Software

enables online advertisers to detect and other undesirable traffic referred through ppc advertising or any internet advertising campaign or affiliate program.
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Do you advertise on any of the pay-per-click networks or search engines?

If you use on search engines, you know that all traffic to your web site is not equal in terms of converting to leads, registrations, and sales. But do you really know why?

You may assume, based on historic sales data, that for every n visitors to your site, you will gain one new customer, but have you wondered whether every cross-sample of your traffic converts at the same ratio as your overall traffic?

You are not alone. In fact most online advertisers in today's market are asking themselves the same questions...

Why is some traffic so much better than others?

Why can't I have only the good traffic and eliminate all the bad? Then the return on my campaign would be so much better and I could use the extra dollars to increase my advertising where it is working.

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