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ClickHawk™ enables online advertisers to detect click fraud and other undesirable traffic referred through PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising or any internet advertising campaign or affiliate program.

What is ClickHawk™?
ClickHawk™ acts as a "gateway" for all of the click-throughs to your web from any source or advertising campaign. ClickHawk™ is easy to set up, with no software to install, no changes to any of your web pages, and no programming required.

Acting as an intermediary between your paid ad campaigns and your web site, ClickHawk™ monitors your incoming traffic, flags suspicious activity, and provides a comprehensive analysis of every visitor you are paying for.

ClickHawk Features
bullet Flag suspicious click activity and other unusual traffic patterns.
bullet View how many times each user is clicking on your ad.
bullet Distinguish real visitors from robots and spiders.
bullet Automatically generate Refund Request Letters.
bullet See which domains (sites) your clicks are coming from.
bullet Discover the geographic location of your visitors.
bullet Track clicks by IP address and unique user ID.
bullet Report browser statistics on visitors.
bullet Customizable email alerts.
bullet Set robot traps for an IP address.

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ClickHawk Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3
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Developed by experts for advertising professionals
The ClickHawk™ software was written by engineers with years of experience developing enterprise level ad serving and ad network technology. Originally produced for use with our own advertising campaigns, now you can use the same click fraud detection techniques used by ad network insiders and leading online advertisers.

How much of your advertising money are you wasting every month?
Advertisers are now spending $0.25 to over $3.00 per click for search engine keyword traffic.  Recent studies have indicated fraudulent clicks and non-human traffic can represent as much as 70% of billed click-throughs, and that on average, over 20% of paid clicks are the result of robots, spiders, or human initiated click manipulation. For an average cost of around $0.01 per click, ClickHawk is helping advertisers save hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.

Try ClickHawk Now, 100% risk free, with our exclusive "Double Guarantee"!

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ClickHawk works on all PPC networks, including:

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