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I am already paying enough for my PPC campaigns, why should I pay more?
ClickHawk does not cost money, it's saves you money. If you are paying $0.25 to $1.00 or more per click, investing an extra penny can pay for iteself many times over every month.
How much money can I save using ClickHawk?
That depends on how you use it. Most advertisers are able to optimize their spending by at least 20% within a month. They achieve the same results while spending less, improving their ROI. It also depends on where you run your campaigns, and the number of different placements you have. Some advertisers have saved as much as 70%.
I only advertise in one place, Google AdSense. Do I need to worry about click fraud?
Yes. While large search engines do not commit click fraud, they run your ads on hundreds, or thousands, of smaller sites in their network, making fraud enforcement very difficult. With the data provided by ClickHawk, you can detect unwanted traffic, alert the network, have your campaign removed from the offending sites, and request a refund.
Why do I need to keep monitoring clicks every month? Can't I just find the problem, eliminate it, and stop monitoring?
Search engines are continually adding many new sites to their network every day. Overall traffic that was good one day, may turn terrible on any given day, even as the result of a single new offending site. Also, there are other types of fraud to look out for, including "competition fraud" (competitors repeatedly clicking your ads to use up your ad budget).
"With ClickHawk guarding my PPC traffic, I can sleep at night knowing that my money is not being wasted.... I am also more willing to try new advertising venues, knowing that I will have immediate data on the value of the traffic..."
Brandon Cady
The developers of ClickHawk™ Click Fraud Detection Software are confident that you will find ClickHawk™ to be the most effective, easy to use, and feature-rich product of its type. We stand behind the results of our product, and believe that any advertiser using PPC programs will save significantly more money on wasted clicks than the cost of the ClickHawk™ monthly subscription fee. Furthermore, large volume search advertisers will find the subscription fee to be nominal, relative to the monthly dollar volume of problem clicks detected.

For this reason, we are offering an exclusive "Double Guarantee" you will not find with any other click fraud software product. Many other software vendors offer a "30 day free trial". We recommend that you take advantage of that trial and compare the other product back-to-back with ClickHawk™. Our guarantee extends beyond a free 30 days of use.

ClickHawk™ Guarantee Part 1 guarantees that in the first 45 days of use¹, ClickHawk™ will detect invalid² clicks with a total dollar value of at least double the monthly subscription fee.

ClickHawk™ Guarantee Part 2 guarantees complete satisfaction with ClickHawk™ results for as long as you use the ClickHawk™ software. If, at any time, you are not completely satisfied, you may either cancel your subscription immediately³, or continue your subscription and receive a refund or discount of the subscription fee for the month in which you were not satisfied.

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Guarantee Terms and Restrictions

This guarantee, the ("Guarantee"), shall be become part of the ClickHawk™ Terms of Use Agreement ("Terms"), commencing the date that the first paid subscription transaction occurs, and the Terms of Use are accepted by Customer.

¹ "Use", for the purposes of this document, is defined as subscribing to the ClickHawk™ software/service, completing the account set-up and link set-up per the instructions posted on the ClickHawk™ web site, and utilizing at least eighty (80) percent of the monthly clicks allotted in the monthly package selected.

² "Invalid" clicks, for the purposes of this document, are defined as internet traffic to Customer's web site, linked through and tracked by the ClickHawk™ servers and software, that are determined to be of "High" or "Very High" risk of being invalid by the ClickHawk™ system. Search Engine, ad network, and publisher definitions of invalid clicks may vary from one another or ClickHawk™.

³ Customer may cancel ClickHawk™ subscription at any time. ClickHawk™ bills by calendar month and all cancellations become effective upon the first day of the billing cycle following the date the cancellation is received by

The guarantees expressed herein are the only warrantees and representations made by and Internet Advertising Technologies, Inc.. The maximum liability under these warranties shall not exceed the total of fees paid by Customer to

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